Merry Christmas Tea & Snacks Basket

  • Spread warmth and holiday cheer with the Merry Christmas Tea & Snacks Basket from New York City Baskets. This delightful gift basket is the perfect way to keep someone special cozy and content during the festive season. Featuring Christmas Tea, a delightful blend of flavors that captures the spirit of the season, this gift basket offers a comforting and aromatic beverage to enjoy on chilly winter nights. Pair it with a handmade Christmas shortbread cookie for a sweet treat that embodies the essence of Christmas. For savory indulgence, the basket includes popcorn and cheese straws, perfect for snacking on while watching holiday movies or entertaining guests. And to add a touch of festive flair, a glass Santa boot is filled with dried fruit and nuts, offering a deliciously simple yet enjoyable snack option. Send a little warmth and plenty of delicious flavor to someone special this year with the Merry Christmas Tea & Snacks Basketfrom New York City Baskets. It's a thoughtful and heartfelt gift that's sure to bring joy and holiday cheer to anyone's season.

  • This is what is included in this gift:

    Keep someone special warm this holiday season withthe Merry Christmas Tea & Snacks Basketfrom Ottawa Baskets. Featuring Christmas Tea, a handmade Christmas shortbread cookie, popcorn, cheese straws, and a glass Santa boot filled with dried fruit and nuts, it’s a deliciously simple and enjoyable gift basket. Send a little warmth, and plenty of delicious flavor, to someone special this year with a great gift basket from Ottawa Baskets.

    Christmas Ornament Cookie : Handmade with care, these delectable shortbread cookies are decorated with icing and edible sparkles are sure to please any recipient.

    North Pole Co. Christmas Tea 50g : The North Pole Co. Christmas Tea: The perfect blend for Christmas. Carefully crafted to ensure every warm cup is the ultimate companion to the chill freshness of winter snow.      

    North Pole Co. Cranberry & Nut Mix Popcorn : An addictive mixture of popcorn, cranberries, dark and golden raisins with cashews and peanuts, all drizzled with dark and white Belgian chocolate. 220g

    Mississippi Cheese Straw Factory Traditional Cheese Straws 3.5 oz. : The rich flavor of perfectly aged cheddar cheese… the teasing tingle of sharp fresh spice… the deliciously crispy texture of a perfectly made cheese straw. Indulgence? Of course. But once you’ve experienced it, this indulgence will soon become a necessity. Don’t say you haven’t been warned!

    Bamboo Cutting Board Small: This beautiful Classic cutting board has so many uses. Made from unfinished Bamboo, this thin and light weight board is great from serving your favorite cheeses and Charcuterie. 23 x 15.25 x 1.25 cm, 9 x 6 x 0.5 inches.

    Santa Boot with Nuts: Delicious assortment of fruits, nuts and seeds, overflowing out of Santa's glass boot.

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