Gourmet Fixings Crate

  • For the discerning food lover, consider the Gourmet Fixings Crate from New York City Baskets—an exquisite gift idea featuring premium savory dressings such as bruschetta and extra virgin olive oil. It's a splendid gesture to convey your regards to someone with refined tastes who will truly appreciate the exceptional quality of the included products. Packaged in a robust wooden crate, this gift is not only elegant but also reusable. The Gourmet Fixings Crate boasts jars of artichoke and asiago tapenade, along with three pepper with basil & lemon bruschetta from Wildly Delicious, and a bottle of San Severino Marche extra virgin olive oil—ideal for elevating the flavor of any meal or snack. Presented in a lidded wooden crate, it's a sophisticated and considerate gift for any culinary enthusiast. Additionally, explore our diverse range of add-ons, such as extra gourmet snacks, wine, spirits, or floral arrangements, to further personalize your gift. Trust New York City Baskets to deliver the perfect gift every time.

  • This is what is included in this gift:

    Decanter Box with lid :Solid wooden box with a dark stain finish, perfect storage for your favorite spirit and two glasses

    Wildly Delicious Oven Roasted Tomato & Basil Bruschetta :Garlic and basil enhance the natural sweetness of oven roasted tomatoes in this classic Italian condiment. serve with olive oil toasted baguette rounds and crostini's topped with a variety of cheeses. also makes a refreshing side dish or salad.

    Wildly Delicious Three Pepper with Basil & Lemon Bruschetta :Red, yellow and green sweet peppers mingle with onion and tomato in this highly addictive bruschetta Preservative free, zero trans-fat, no cholesterol and vegetarian friendly.

    San Severino Marche Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Made with careful dedication, San Severino Marche’s delightful and bold balsamic vinegar is perfect for seasoning or dressing.

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